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Scotland: The Lochs, Moray Coast & Edinburgh

Our journey took us across the border into beautiful Scotland. We visited four areas (#9-12) during our UK road trip. The English part of our trip is here: England: The City of London and England: Castles to Manors to Ruins

Stop number nine was outside of Glasgow on Loch Lomond in the small town of Luss at Lodge on Loch Lomond.

This lovely lodge was on Loch Lomond. Our room had its own dry sauna in the room with a beautiful balcony, glass barrier for a seamless view of the loch. We caught a little rain and were fortunate to witness a double rainbow emerge afterwards.

Just a stroll down the beach takes you into the little town of Luss. We walked all over looking at their beautiful old church, cafes, adorable house-lined streets and made a stop in at The Village Rest for a refreshment. More photography of Loch Lomond and Luss

From Luss we traveled North into the Highlands to Loch Ness, where we stayed at Loch Ness Lodge. We didn’t have a Nessie sighting but rather heard some of the local’s stories and took in sights of the beautiful Loch. More photography of Loch Ness.

After Loch Ness, we made our way up to Inverness and the Moray Coast. We stopped at Nairn Beach for a tea and sweet.

Then we drove into Findhorn to the most quaint and charming town and made our home at The Tipsea Cottage. Our hosts also own the Inn and Pub across the ‘street’ (literally the width of one of our American alleys). It could not be easier to grab a bite or some local company. The Tipsea Cottage is a completely renovated home where we enjoyed our nights stoking the fire together as a family in the living room. By day we walked the beach and all around town stumbling up The Findhorn Foundation Retreat Center and Grounds. I hope to explore this interesting place more in the future. Rainbows are plentiful in Scotland!

Findhorn is so quiet and peaceful, I was sad to leave and start our decent back South. Our journey took us to our last Scottish destination and I had NO IDEA what a treat I was in store for! EDINBURGH!

Edinburgh is a wonderful mix of old world, Gothic architecture and castles with a splash of fresh, modern glass. The Radisson Blu is on the Royal Mile (THE street to stay on) just down from Edinburgh Castle. Our family room was surprisingly large with 2 king beds and a corner wall of banquet couches. We were able to walk in any direction from the hotel to see sights, for shopping and restaurant options. The steep and windy streets reminded me of San Francisco, but in a much darker, ancient way. I could just see the horse-drawn carriages travel the cobblestone roads, men with long coats and top hats and ladies with long, corseted dresses. This city is fascinating and I must return one day to give it the time it deserves. For more of my photos on Edinburgh, visit my photography site, Love Camera Earth.

Our last stop out of Edinburgh took us to one of the most haunted graveyards, Greyfriars Kirkyard. During our road trip we were listening to an audible of Scottish ghost stories and discovered that the moratorium of Bloody MacKenzie was just a few minutes from our hotel! Click the link to read about this villain and what his unrestful poltergeist has been up to!

Otherwise the grounds where beautiful and tranquil. Filled with lovely Scots and tourists alike.

A friend mentioned that she intends to do the NC500 next summer….which of course I had to google. It is a road map/trip of the top North Coast of Scotland. Looks amazing! I know I have only explored a fraction of what Scotland has to offer, but I am so grateful I got to see what I did!