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6 Weeks ’til Lift Off! Hawaii-Bound! Burn the Boat!

Well if you know me and have read this blog, then it will come as no great shock to you that we finally pulled the trigger and settled into an island life. We have been traveling heavily and worldschooling the last two years while keeping our base in Dallas, TX. We have considered many places and lifestyles, but ultimately we decided we wanted to remain in the United States and build a homestead focused on healthy living and re-connecting with nature. I am also excited to build a new community of holistic healers and learn all I can about their healing modalities.

Let’s take a few steps back and visit how this whole transition played out. We pulled our son from public school after first grade and sold our primary residence on Lake Texoma in 2018, so our transition away from living ‘in the box’ started years ago. I can actually thank the PANDEMIC for pushing my life in this direction sooner than we had planned. Every New Year’s day we make a family vision board focused on goals and dreams for the year complete with photos, magazine pictures and hand-drawn images. Our 2019 board came about 90-95% true within 12-14 months so we had big plans for 2020. 2020’s board was all about Hawaii. We really enjoyed our time in the Bahamas, BVI’s, Mexico and Costa Rica, but ultimately our trip to the Big Island was the one that won our hearts.

After the pandemic hit and all traveling ceased, we, like so many, were stuck in our home in Dallas. While we enjoyed our home, we never intended it to be a place we remained 100% of the time. By May we were heavily invested in finding a ‘new home’ and upon securing a rental home with a pool on 2 acres on the Big Island for less than what we paid to live in Dallas, no convincing was needed! Thankfully our work goes with us where we go, so the plan was in motion. In regards to looking for an out-of-state rental, I suggest browsing Zillow, Facebook Marketplace,, joining groups for the area of interest and looking at listings on VRBO/Homeaway (NOT Airbnb) for listings where the calendar isn’t very full and then contacting the owner directly. You NEVER know what you will find and the worst you can hear is NO, so ASK! I don’t recommend Craigslist. Of 7 or 8 listings, only 1 or 2 were legit so proceed there with an abundance of caution there. Additionally, when you find a place and have talked on the phone with the owner, BEFORE you send any funds, ask to see a copy of their insurance on the property OR a title/deed. SOMETHING that connects that person to the property!

Next on the list is to figure out your car situation. We had two vehicles. We traded one in for the vehicle we wanted to bring to Hawaii. The best cars to bring are ones with 4-wheel drive. Jeeps and trucks are very popular and will re-sell well in Hawaii. We sold our second vehicle as it was specialty and would have been costly to maintain on the Big Island. I used Carvana to sell it. I input my info for an offer on a Tuesday and by Friday, they were picking it up; I had my funds on Monday! Less than a week to sell a used car, NO hassles! Highly recommend! If you live near the West coast, then LAX is the hub to ship your car and will currently run you about $1500. If you live anywhere else in the USA then you will have to have it transported via truck to LAX. You can have it transported via COVERED or UNCOVERED truck. Being a brand new vehicle we wanted covered, but when our time-frame came for pick-up, due to the current nation-wide trucker shortage, we were not able to get a covered truck. We felt it was more important to stay on schedule and get our car to LAX, so we accepted uncovered transportation. We ended up going with Kona Container Guy and paying a total of $2800. It would have been $3200 for the covered truck and had I known about the truck issue, I would have likely booked with Hawaii Car Transport because their quote for uncovered transportation was a little less than Kona Container Guy. All-in-all Kona as been professional and excellent to deal with and I anticipate my car arriving in another week or so to be a flawless experience. (I will report back!) Allow 3 to 4 weeks from the time your vehicle leaves your mainland house to receipt on the Big Island with the exception of those that are able to personally deliver it to LAX (shave a week off).

What do you do with your stuff? We opted to go with PODS. After considering selling everything or going with Uhaul’s UBox; PODS offered the best solution for us. Ultimately, you should go around your house with a calculator and add up everything you would have to replace. If that totals more than POD’s moving costs then, keep your stuff and get a POD. PLUS you get to keep all the little irreplaceable items. We packed our 8’x8’x16′ POD to the brim and it will stay stored in Dallas until we move forward on the next part of our great Hawaiian journey! This is a great solution for all the things you can live AT LEAST 30 days without, but what about the more ‘short-term’ items? We ended up shipping 12 boxes about 25-35lbs each via USPS Priority Mail to our new mailing box in Hawaii. I was quite pleased to receive them quickly (about 5 business days) and in good condition. I only lost 2 glass items (a coffee decanter and my Himalayan pink salt grinder), but my glass electric kettle and giant mason jars for tea made it!! As for luggage we brought the items that were too valuable to leave to a shipping service, like my Rife machines and Electro-Dermal Screening equipment. Plus all our ‘important’ papers like birth certificates and such, ALL my *3000* essential oils, Sebastian’s XBox and a tiny suitcase for a few clothes. Total we traveled with 13 bags. We each had a backpack and carry-on size bag. We checked 7 pieces of luggage. I have to recommend the ‘hockey bag‘ if you don’t own all the luggage you need to travel. It was affordable, lightweight and spacious. Another ‘must’ were our vacuum bags. We were able to suck down all our ‘must have’ pillows and blankets to all fit in the hockey bag and it still came in well under our 50lb per bag limit. Vacuum bags saved us space in the short-term priority mail boxes and will keep our cloth items like clothes, bedding & towels nice in the long-term POD, too.

While I was nervous on our day of travel, in the end it went smooth as butter. We started the day at 4am with my sweet sister taking us and our trillion bags to the airport. We said our goodbyes and set-off on our first of three flights for the day. No issues with American Airlines or in the DFW airport, it was very quite there, screening proceeded like normal just without the lines and crowds. When we landed in LAX we had time to find lunch and for the first time in my traveling life, our connecting gate was NEXT DOOR to our gate of arrival. Miracle! Next was from LAX to HNL (Honolulu) where upon exiting the plane, they took our temperatures and we were guided to an area where they gathered our forms and checked our contact info. I did have to show my long-term lease, but otherwise didn’t have any issues. After passing through the screening, we collected our trillion bags and proceeded to check them in for our third flight. Aside from the physical nature of moving our trillion bags from the luggage carousels back up to the check-in desk, this was another smooth process. We did have our temperatures checked on more time and had to submit another government document to check into our flight to Hilo, but after security it was easy-breezy just waiting in the lounge for boarding time. The last flight on Hawaiian Airlines was lovely and by this point my nerves had finally calmed and I could see the prize in sight. We collected our bags for the final time, got a ride and made it to our ‘new home’….in paradise.

I have been asked things like ‘Why are you moving?’ ‘What prompted this?’ ‘Why now?’, so I will address those things here. The ‘why’ is simple, because we want a life filled with white, gold, green and black sand beaches, rainbows and waterfalls, mountains and trails, and gardens full of green. The ‘why now’ is because if I have to live ‘locked’ down, I damn well want to do it (in my version of) paradise! We have been maneuvering life, creating a plan, and making progress on that plan day-by-day. The reality is that what you want is obtainable if you make a plan and work everyday to get there. In the end (the final 6-weeks) it was like ripping off a band-aid that started with signing the lease. From that day and each day after that, life was filled with many logistical issues and every time, they moved in our favor. We created a resistance-free path that flowed under the hand of God through this beautiful, energetic universe. The past 6-weeks have deepened and broadened my spirituality and strengthened my resolve to live my life in faith and NOT from a place a fear. The BEST advice I can give to anyone looking to make any kind of BIG changes in their life is to stop operating from a place of fear. Every time you want to do something in life, ask yourself am I making choices to get to my goal from a place of fear or or faith that the divine universe and creator will take me in the right direction to manifest my dreams. Excuse the language, but if you want to get fired up about changing your life…..BURN THE F*&% BOAT!

I hope if you are still reading this that you hug yourself and remember that the universe is abundant and infinite. There is enough love, happiness and abundance for each and every one of us. Make your plan TODAY. Create that VISION BOARD now! Fill your eyes, ears and mind with pictures, videos and music of your dream(s). Stop allowing any and all negative people, situations, information to flood your psyche. YOU are your ultimate creator powered by the divine. Stand in your strength, raise your vibration and live your BEST LIFE. Aloha!